photo (18)當我喝一些$200元以下的葡萄酒,我不會期望它有很好的複雜性或個性。相反,如果它是一支味道平衡,能夠容易配答食物的葡萄酒,我已然會很滿意。

可惜,這支2010 Amayna Syrah 令我頗為失望。我對 Amayna 的印象一向不錯。之前試過它的 Sauvignon Blanc(包括桶發酵的版本和普通不銹鋼版本的),都非常滿意。有良好的性價比,值得推薦。

這瓶2010 Amayna Syrah,在打開的酒瓶,已經給出了爆炸性的和強烈的味道。可惜氣味並不吸引,非常強烈的草青味和燒焦橡膠的味道。在口中,雖然口味比聞起來好一些,但酒精感過強。。雖然這瓶酒擁有高強度的香氣和味道,更擁有極高的集中度。然而,太濃縮的味道,過強的酒精,有點反感的氣味,令我失望。

When I’m drinking everyday wines of less than $200, it would be unfair to look for serious complexity or character. Instead, I would be very happy if it is a balanced, pleasant and food friendly wine.

The 2010 Amayna Syrah I tried recently however is disappointing. I have tried Amayna Sauvignon Blanc (both the barrel fermented version and the normal stainless steel version) before and were very pleased with them. They both offer good value for money that worth recommendation.

This bottle of 2010 Amayna Syrah, upon opening the bottle, already gave out explosive and powerful noses. Unfortunately, instead of lovely and pleasant aromas, the wines shown very strong green herbaceous and burnt rubbery noses which were quite unpleasant to me. In the palate, the wine shown similar high intensity and concentration. Their flavours in palate were better than their aromas. Yet, alcohol is not very well integrated and a bit burning. The wine is technically well-made. It has high intensity of aromas and flavours. Very high concentration in palate. Yet, it is too over-powering making it not a food-friendly wine and the unpleasant nose really bothered me.

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