Following recommending De Sousa which is located in the village of Avize, I would like to recommend another grower champagne producer located in the village of Avize as well – Agrapart. I believe you may find Agrapart unfamiliar since this is a small producer with low production volume.  Its annual production is just merely about 8,000 cases.  Knowing this, it is not surprising why you may find it difficult to locate champagne from this producer.

Agrapart was established in 1894 by Arthur Agrapart.  Today, it has 9.75 ha of vineyards planted mostly with chardonnay.  Most of the vineyards was purchased in 1950s and 1960s by the grandson of Arthur Agrapart, Pierre Agrapart.  Almost all the vineyards owned are located in grand cru villages such as Avize, Oiry and Oger.  Average vine age is quite high at about 35 years old.  The oldest is about 60 years old.

Although Agrapart is not a certified organic or biodynamic producer, Pierre Agrapart has no doubt about the benefits that biodynamic farming can bring.  No chemcial herbicide, weedkillers or fertilizer will be used.  Agrapart also placed great emphasis on grape quality and ensure that every grape is fully ripened.  Given the ripeness of the grape, almost no sugar would be added during second fermentation and this is very uncommon in Champagne.  No cultured yeast would be used and all the wine would undergo malolactic fermentation.  Although some wines will be matured in barrel, the emphasis here is purity.  Therefore, wines from Agrapart is always very refreshing with any barrel dominant influence.  To further perserve the quality of the wine, there will be no fining or filtration before bottling.

The style of Agrapart is rich in flavour yet retaining freshness and elegance.

This bottle of N.V. Agrapart Terroirs Brut Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru has all its grapes coming from the grand cru villages of Avize, Cramant, Oger and Oiry.  Immediately upon pouring, the wine released very intensive and rich aromas of ripe fruits.  There are notes of tertiary developed aromas but it is not dominant.  In palate, it is showing stronger minerality and matured champagne characters.  The ripe fruit flavours are balanced by high level of acidity.  This is a highly complex, rich yet elegant champagne.

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