After trying 2007 Mazzei Ser Lapo Riserva Chianti Classico DOCG just before, I go on to try another Tuscany wine -2008 Sette Ponti Crognolo IGT.  Same as Ser Lapo, this Tuscany is also based primary on Sangiovese (90%) with the remaining 10% Merlot.

Initially, I didn’t find this Crognolo good enough.  It seems too simple and slightly alcoholic.  However, it improves a lot after decanting for half an hour.  It is elegant yet with rich fruit flavours.  Similar to Ser Lapo, this Crognolo has very strong sour cherry and vanilla flavour.  I’m very satisfied with both of these two Tuscany’s wines.  Both of them are offering very good value for money at about HK$200.

As with most Italian wines, they are best with food.  If you are drinking wine in a bar without any food, then probably you may not enjoy these Italian wines as much.  However, if you enjoy having wine with dinner, then many Italian wines are actually a better choice than many new world reds.

To enjoy the wine, I have ordered two Chinese dishes which I believe are good match with the wine.  The safe bet is Chinese Style Roast Duck.  Chinese Style Roast Duck works with most red wines since it is not sweet or sour in taste and not too salty.  However, what surprised me is how well the Chinese Style Stew Pork works with the wine.  This Chinese style stew pork is quite a heavy dish with thick sauce made by spices such as anise.  The fatness and the heaviness of the dish works really well with red wine with high acidity such as this Crognolo.  The wine strong spice flavours match well with the anise based sauce as well.  Matching Chinese dishes with wine is really an interesting experience!

Watsons Wine Cellar (Original: $298 / Special: $238)

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