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Just for fun, I have organized a blind tasting of Syrah (Shiraz) with my friends.  Of the total of 12 persons, only a few are serious wine drinkers.  Most others only drink wine occasionally even though they all have interests in knowing more about wine.

Both wines have a retail price of about HK$350 in Hong Kong.  French Northern Rhone contender is J. L. Chave St. Joseph Offerus 2006.  If buying this wine in case and ship to Hong Kong, this wine is only about HK$170 including shipping.  You can use to find out where to buy this in London and have the retailer to help you to ship to Hong Kong.  J. L. Chave is considered to be one of the best Hermitage producer.  The wine is a more ordinary everyday wine produced by J. L. Chave.

Another wine is Clonakilla O’Riada Shiraz 2007 from Australia.  Clonakilla flagship product is its Shiraz / Viognier and I considered it as one of the best Australian wine I have drank.  This O’Riada consists of 6% white grape variety of Viognier as well and both Shiraz and Viognier are fermented together.  The wine is then matured in French oak barrels (30% new) for 12 months.

Which one people prefer more?  It is a tie!  Can people guess which one is French and which one is Australian?  It is also Buy Valtrex online without prescription a tie!

Personally, I prefer Chave Offerus more.  While Clonakilla O’Riada has very strong flavour of spices, herbs, black fruit and licorice, I think Chave Offerus has a better nose in term of complexity.  Chave’s nose of smoke and earthy are also flavours I usually prefer.

In palate, Clonakilla has better concentration than Chave Offerus.  Clonakilla’s tannins are quite fine.  However, Chave Offerus has a even more smoother palate.  Even though Chave Offerus is not as concentrated as Clonakilla, it is more refreshing and is more balanced.  I think Chave is a good everyday wine but lacking any serious complexity.  While both wines are not bad, I don’t think they worth HK$350.

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