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Tried Australia’s Bindi Quartz Chardonnay before and very happy about its quality.  This is another Chardonnay from Australia, Henschke Croft Chardonnay 2008.

This wine is produced in Adelaide Hills at a latitude of 550 meters.  It is a cool climate region in Australia.  In term of style, this is very different from Bindi Quartz.  While Bindi Quartz is quite full-bodied and with relatively strong malolactic fermentation leading to creaminess flavour, this is a lighter one reminding me Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed of Chablis.  While it used 40% new French oak, it is definitely not overpowered by oak.

The wine has a pale yellow colour.  It has a very refreshing nose of citrus such as lemon with an array of other different flavours such as tropical fruit, green mango, honey, floral, mineral and yogurt.  This is quite a complicated wine.  It has quite a good concentration and focus, if not outstanding.  There are hints of oak and diary products flavour but not overpowered.

While this is quite a good quality wine, I like Bindi Quartz more.  I personally think Bindi Quartz has higher complexity and concentration and is a higher quality wine

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