Last Sat and Sun, I have drunk two bottles of red Burgundy.  The one I’m having on Sat is A-F Gros Chambolle-Musigny Buy periactin online 2005 and on Sunday, I was drinking Bouchard Echezeaux 2002.  If I have to guess which bottle will be better, I will definitely go for Echezeaux.

Comparing the two purely from its technical details, I believe most would agree that Echezeaux will be a better bottle of wine.  Comparing their vintages, while I think 2005 maybe a slightly better vintage, both 2002 and 2005 are very good recent vintages for red Burgundy.  Comparing their producers, both are good and reliable producers.  So, I think this is a draw.  In term of appellation, Echezeaux definitely wins.  Even though Echezeaux is known for being quite inconsistent among different producers, yet it is still a Grand Cru vineyard.  For price, Chambolle-Musigny is selling at about HK$500 in Hong Kong while Echezeaux is selling more than double!

For the Chambolle-Musigny I drank on last Sat.  I think it reflects what a good Chambolle-Misigny should look like very well.  It is very fresh and pure and lighter in colour comparing to many other Cote de Nuits.  It is very fragrant but not the one that you feel like incense.  It has a very floral nose just like you are standing in a garden smelling fresh air filled with a floral smell.  Since I love it so much, this wine definitely has good concentration and complexity.  Yet, is it really having a very high level of concentration and complexity?  No but I still really enjoying it very much.

For the Echezeaux I drank on Sunday.  I definitely think it is superior to Chambolle-Musigny if I’m comparing the two purely from technical point of view such as concentration, intensity, complexity and length.  However, I really feel like there is something missing.  While it is a very good bottle of wine, I’m not excited.  I also felt that it is a bit rustic and lacking elegance.

Of course, how much I really enjoy a bottle of wine does not only depend on the quality of the wine itself.  My mood, friends I’m drinking with, the environment, the food, all these will contribute.  However, I will discount all these factors as I truly know they are not factors in this case.

Then what is it?  Would it be because of the moon!

If you are a serious Burgundy lover.  I surely believe you would know what is biodyanamic.  Basically, the theory of biodynamic is that the moon will influence all living organisms.  If you agree that wine has life, then it seems to make sense that wine will also be affected by the moon.  While the sun will pass through the twelve constellations  in a year, the moon passes through them every 28 days.  Each constellation is associated with one of the four elements – earth, air, fire and water.  Each of these elements will affect different part of the plant.  Earth affects root, water affects leaves, air affects flower and fire affects fruit.

Both root and leaves day are not good for drinking wine since the wine will not perform at its best.   On flower and fruit days, the wine will perform better.  You may think this is nonsense but Tesco and Mark and Spencer swear on it and will only have wine tasting held on fruit and flower days.

Last Sat is fruit day which is the best for wine to perform at its Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed best.  Last Sun when I drank Echezeaux was a root day which is the worst day for drinking wine.  If you also believe in this, you can check this info out either by installing a program called “Wine Tonight?” on iPhone.  However, it will only tell you about today.  If you want to plan ahead, then you will have to buy a biodynamic calendar “When Wine Tastes Best: A Biodynamic Calendar for Wine Drinkers” (  While this book is very cheap, it is not available in Hong Kong as far as I know and you have to buy if from U.S. or London.

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  1. Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  2. Knagstead says:

    Nice article, must say I agree really make a big difference with biodynamic farming. It take some years, but then the wines improve, and you get a better expression of the terroir.

    Echezeaux is a very difficult vineyard, a lot of wines don’t have grand cru standard. Some parts of Echezeaux is however very fine – check my article about Echezeaux –


    • Man says:

      Hi, thanks a lot for your visit. Yes, I also do think biodynamic farming can make a big difference even though it seems to incur more risk to producers. Some may prefer not to take that risk.

      Echezeaux is definitely a grand cru with significant variation in quality. I think producers is of particular important here.

      BTW, I really like your blog! Nice work!

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