Sherry has always been considered as seriously undervalued by many wine critics.  Frankly but I’m sorry to say many of these wine critics have drunk wines for a long period and Sherry actually accompany their growth.  To people who don’t drink Sherry in their youth, do they really think Sherry is undervalued?

I still remember five to six years ago, I have a blind tasting with my friends.  We went to a store that offered around fifty to sixty wines for tasting.  My friend has poured me a white wine and asked me to blind taste and guessed how much it cost.  That is a glass of fino sherry and this is the first time I drank Sherry.  I still remember I think the wine is a high quality wine with very good complexity.  However, I really dislike how it tasted.  Yet, given its quality, I guessed it is costly GBP30.  Very embarassed, it is just GBP8!

I’m now drinking many more varieties of wines and would like to give Sherry another try.  As a result, I have bought two bottles of Sherry and give it a try.

The fist bottle is Emillio Lustau Don Nuno Dry Oloroso.  The second bottle is Tio Diego Dry Amontillado Valdespino.  I then give these two bottles to my friends and asked them to blind taste.  Result?  Almost all of them don’t like the taste of Sherry!  Some even Buy Buy aldactone online Viagra Soft Tabs Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed spitted them out immediately!

I’m really not surprised with this result.  The taste of Sherry is really very different from typical wines.  All the fruit flavours are gone.  Instead, fruit flavours are replaced by flavours such as nutty and soy sauce.

How about myself?  I tried to match Sherry with Chinese crusine and found that it can be a good match in many cases.  However, its 20% alcohol level really put me off.  Also, maybe because they are both lacking freshness I like, I found them a bit boring after a glass.

Frankly, for the price of about HK$200, Sherry is offering a wine with very good quality and complexity.  However, its style is really not for everyone.  Wine, like any other commodity, is determined Buy Propecia Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed by demand and supply.  I really doubt how many drinkers nowsday love Sherry.  It would be really difficult for Sherry to command a higher price.

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