Having tried matching champagne with dim sum, I would like to go more adventurous and trying to match a red wine wine with dum sum.  Given the wide variety of dim sum, there must be some dim sum that work well with red wine.  The red wine I picked this time is 1994 Leoville Barton.  This is the third bottle I drink and my impression is the same as before (link).

Fried Spring Roll – Without adding Worcestershire sauce, this is really a very good match.  The red wine becomes more fragrant.  What is even more surprising is that after adding Worcestershire sauce, the combination is not too bad and really acceptable!

Crab and vegetable dumpling –  As expected, not a good match.  The unpleasant flavour of seafood is annoyingly being highlighted.

Char siu rice roll – Acceptable but not really good.  The wine turns out to be leaner.

Shao mai – Shrimp really didn’t work well as expected.  The pork portion of Shao mai is acceptable but not as good as I would hope.

Streamed beef ball – Quite good and the wine becomes more fruity in flavour.

Roasted pigeon – A safe bet and must work well with this red wine.  However, my favorite is with Fried Spring Roll.  Maybe it works so well that is beyond my expectation.

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