R. Lopez De Heredia Vina Bosconia Rioja Reserva 2001

Drank a bottle of R. Lopez De Heredia Vina Bosconia Rioja Reserva 2001 tonight.  Rioja is probably the most famous wine region in Spain.  It’s red wine is much more famous than its white wine.  The style of red Rioja can be roughly grouped into two different styles: traditional and modern.  Traditional style red Rioja will have long ageing in old cask and will even undergo some deliberate oxidation.  Resulting wine will be pale brick red in colour and have soft strawberry flavour.  Modern style red Rioja likely will use American oak and will have a shorter oak maturation period.  As a result, modern red Rioja tends to have much stronger vanilla and cococut flavour but may appear a bit disintegrated.  Modern red Rioja will be deeper in colour and will be more full-bodied richer fruit flavour.

R.Lopez Buy Cytotec Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed de Heredia is one of the most famous winery in Rioja employing traditional vinification method.  This wine has been barreled for 6 years in old oak which is much longer than the regulation required in Rioja (which is three years maturation of which one year must be in cask).  This wine truly reflects traditional Rioja red styles.  It is pale brick red in colour.  Have soft strawberry flavour.  With its low acidity and low tannins, this is an easy drinking wine.  However, if you like wine which is full-bodied or having more complex flavour, then this wine probably wouldn’t fit you!

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