It’s another time that I drank Potensac.  What is strange is that I drank Potensac again because I’m totally unprepared to have a wine for dinner.  Just have to rush into a wine store and buy a bottle.  Last time, the same situation and it was 2005 Potensac.  This time, I picked Potensac again and it is of vintage 2009.

Ch. Potensac is owned by the family of Delon who also owned Ch. Leoville Lascases.  Financially strong and as a result, Ch. Potensac saw significant investment as well.  Ch. Potensac used to have a high proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend but in recent years, the ratio of Merlot has increased significantly.  For example, 2005 Ch. Potensac has 41% Merlot in the blend.  In this 2009 Ch. Potensac, it even has 48% Merlot in the blend.  With more Merlot in the blend, Potensac is now a wine more able for early drinking.

This bottle of 2009 Ch. Potensac has very intense violet.  Although quite strong in oak barrel induced aromas, it is well balanced by its rich fruit flavours.  Good concentration and rich in palate.  Tannins are fine and ripe and the wine has good structure and smooth in palate.  As with many 2009 Bordeaux wines, alcohol is quite high at 14%.  There is a slight heat in aftertaste but not too serious.

As with 2005 Ch. Potensac, I’m happy with this bottle and thinking it offers good value for money.  Potensac is a reliable Bordeaux wine.

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