Does a wine that cost more than HK$10,000 expensive?  Definitely!  Does it worth?  After drinking the wine, I found this question rather difficult to answer.  I really can’t imagine how can any drink in this world cost more than HK$10,000.  Although there are certainly lots of wine out there cost that much, I can never comprehend how can that be.  A drink is just a drink and does it really worth to spend so much on a drink?  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this bottle really worth every penny and it is certainly the best wine I ever have!

This bottle of 1969 Dom Perignon Oenotheque is aged in Dom Perignon cellar for more than 30 years after second fermentation in bottle.  It is only recently disgorged at 2006.  Every bottle is examined to ensure they are of optimal quality before releasing to the market.

Upon its first pouring, I was already deeply impressed with the wine.  Its nose is so intense and continue to develop and intensify with time.  Yet, it is so light, so refreshing and so elegant.  It got aromas of aged champagne.  Yet, my feeling with the wine is that it is so young that I can’t imagine it is already more than 40 years old.  Yes, I admit this seems contradictory but this wine really showed all these contradictory characteristics in such a harmonized way that is so balanced.  The combination of supreme power and superb elegance is simply irresistible.  While it does show similar aromas and flavours as Jacque Selosse and Krug 1985 that I tried before, this Champagne is much more lively and youthful.  But the wine that continue to appear in my mind is 2002 Henri Boillot Montrachet Grand Cru that I drank before.  Their aromas are really very similar but this bottle has even higher intensity and is much more elegant.

If I have to give a score to this wine, I will give it 99 out of 100.  Why not 100?  I truly hope I can have more excellent wines in the future and maybe I shouldn’t give any perfect score yet.  This wine is really so good that I can’t describe how happy and satisfied I’m with this wine but I would certainly regret if I didn’t have a chance to try this bottle!

Make the “best wine in the world”
Dom Pierre Perignon, 1668

Three centuries later, Dom Perignon Oenotheque is the supreme homage to this original ambition.  It took no fewer than 37 years of aging on its lees to allow this vintage to reach its optimum complexity.  To ensure its excellence, each bottle was tasted and approved by a Dom Perignon oenologist, the final step before leaving our cellars.

Dom Perignon Oenotheque is the ultimate expression of a wine whose style defies time.

Weather conditions were unstable and difficult throughout the year.  Flowering was late and came at a time of frequent, severe storms.  The dry, sunny spell in September meant that the grape harvest could finally begin on 1 October.

The bouquet is complex, concentrated and dark, with hints of candied citrus fruits, bitter chocolate, leather and dried flowers.  The effect on the palate is powerful and frank, against a profound and austere background.  The wine remains somewhat closed, before finally revealing its impeccable structure.  The finish is astonishing fruity (blueberry).

Purchased from Ponti Wine Cellar (HK$12,888)

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