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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi there,

    I posted a couple of weeks ago with regards to an exciting virtual tasting that we’re holding on behalf of Wines of Chile, edging closer – it is on Thursday. It’s a chance to get connected to a host of distinguished winemakers in Chile.

    It would be wonderful to have Vin Zealot there, please pop me an email today or tomorrow if you’re able to join us!

    All the best,

  2. david says:

    你好! 我係好耐之前請教過一些品酒課程的問題的(應該在你剛讀第四級的時候吧) 經過咁耐終於決定讀AWSEC 第二級的課程.. 我計劃8月1至8月3連續3日上 跟住第四日考 我想問. 其實第二級的課程易合格嗎? 假如我咁讀, 我可以做咩準備增加合格的機會呢?

    • Man says:

      Frankly, level 2 only involves 50 multiple choice questions. For most questions, there are two obvious wrong answers. In other words, if you have some good basic knowledge on wine, I think passing the examination is not a problem. However, if you are really new to wine, then I think you will have to study hard to past the examination. The book on the course is actually quite thin (about 100 pages as far as I remember). So, if you are willing to devote your few days to study, passing should not be a problem. Having said so, if you have time, I would suggest you take evening course which would have 10 sessions. This would allow you to have a chance to taste more wines.

      If you really want to take the 3 days course and want to make sure you pass, maybe you can ask AWSEC if they can give you the book before the course. Then, you can read it before your course. I think this can hugely help you to understand.

      Hope this help. Cheers!

  3. Lillian says:

    I am so impressed with your blog, while I also wrote one. I wonder how can you manage to translate all of them in 3 languages and keep them all on the same pace every time, is it really time consuming? Welcome for your comments to see how I should improve mine too.

    I am currently studying WSET level 4 and would wonder how should I do with it as I am not actually in the industry. Would you suggest me to get into the wine business, wine sales or wine education industry? Or just stop till level 4 would be good. WOnder you have finished the course, might have some good sharing with students here. Thanks & cheers. Keep it up , I love reading it.

    • Man says:

      Hi Lillian, thank you very much for your message and very glad that you like my blog. Let me share some of my experience with you and hope you find them useful.

      For writing in three languages, as you can guess, translating between traditional and simplified Chinese is simple. They are just direct translation. However, for translation between Chinese and English, I don’t rely on any tool. I just write in Chinese first (since this is the language most people read) and then write again in English. Writing in Chinese definitely use more of my time as it is much slower to write in Chinese. Normally, a post will take about 30 mins to an hour depending on the length. Writing in English again is very fast, usually just about 10 mins since I didn’t proof read my English writing again. I just write and publish. It is important to have your blog active, I think the minimum is to have a post once a week (although sometimes I did miss this minimum as well).

      Frankly, maintaining a blog needs dedication and devotion. Same as you, I’m not in wine trade before and I worked for an IT job in a bank. It is sometimes difficult that I have to write after my work. But if you are passionate about wine, I hope this will give you motivation to write at night. It is unfortunate that many people are very enthusiastic in the first year but then give up.

      As for when to start working in wine related works, it is very difficult to say as I think it really depends on how much you love your current job and how much you want to work on wine. For myself, since I’m starting my own wine business, it really didn’t matter if I have completed my level 4 or not. I study for WSET purely out of my passion on wine. I may apply for MW but again I study purely because of my passion, not about how it will help my work in wine related work. I definitely think my study did help me in various areas but for myself, I write blog and study just because I like wine.

      BTW, can you leave me the link of your blog? I would like to read it as well :)

      • Lillian says:

        Sure, is my blog, however I am now in the middle of transforming the blog from google blogger to wordpress as I found wordpress has a lot more function to categorize my blog. Will reply this post again when the transition is done :)

  4. Lillian says:

    I temporarily using

    will move to wordpress format for the

    let me know if you have any suggestion to my blog , thanks a lot VinZealot

  5. Allan Wright says:

    Would you mind getting in touch with us at the Wine Bloggers Conference directly by email? I have something I would like to ask you.


    Allan Wright
    Wine Bloggers Conference

  6. ML says:

    Hi Man,

    Could you recommend some hk local wine (esp. burgundy) forums for me (for wine gathering, trade, etc)?

    Many thanks,

  7. angelo says:

    Grands Echezeaux 2012 R. Conti

  8. angelo says:

    Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Romanée St. Vivant. PINOT NOIR. France> Burgundy> Côte de Nuits> Romanée St. Vivant Grand Cru ROMANEE-SAINT-VIVANT I seem to love this wine more and more each year. I also think the purity of fruit character is the closest to that of Romanee-Conti itself. Mellow yet precise red fruits hit you. There is a light freshness of orange peel as well. Easier to assess and easier to love than Grands Echezeaux. To counter the red fruit there is a gentle white pepper spice that I often find in Romanee-Saint-Vivant, it never overpowers but always balances the fruit. Very poised and attractive on the nose. It is through the seriousness of the palate that I think really marks the outstanding quality of this wine. Whilst the nose makes you flirt with it the palate makes you sit up and pay attention. There is a depth of minerality on the palate that lifts the complexity of the wine and makes it so moreish, a persistent and fine structure here that almost goes unnoticed but is there as a serious frame to the lovely fruit. As might be obvious I have really rather fallen for this wine. On re-visiting I was delighted to have all the above confirmed. This is a superb Romanee-Saint-Vivant – seriousness to balance the attractiveness. My score: 18.5–19 “The 2012 Romanée St Vivant, incidentally served before Richebourg rather than afterwards unlike previous years, was picked on September 28 and 29 at 24 hectoliters per hectare. There is a wondrous, ethereal purity to this 2012, a little more sumptuous than I recall it from barrel, with kirsch and freshly picked strawberries. As it opens, it gains more and more sensuality. The palate is rounded, almost curvaceous in the mouth, clearly more concentrated than the 2011 with a sense of authority and purpose, a bit of daring-do on the long finish. It leaves a slightly ferrous residue on the aftertaste, completing what is a marvelous and sensual Grand Cru. 1,148 cases produced.” – See more at:

  9. Kelvin says:

    Dear Vin Zealot,

    I read part of your articles about wine tasting and recommends. And I felt your word for explaining a wine quite easy to access and understand, and of course, very valued.

    I just enrolled the WSET 4 this July for distant learning. Could you share some advices? How do you feel about?

    Thank you!

    Best regards,
    Kelvin Tao

    • Man says:

      Thank you so much for your compliment and your encouragement on the blog to me.

      Glad to hear that you have enrolled for WSET Level 4. WSET Level 4 is much harder than WSET Level 3. It expects much deeper knowledge and there is no standard textbook for most of the papers. From my personal experience, I do not find year one difficult. On my year one, I took all the papers except paper 3 (still wines). Actually, for all the people I know, they have no difficulty in passing the first year since the topics is not very big for any single paper.

      Unfortunately, most people failed on their second year for paper 3. Practical usually is not a problem since you just have to correctly describe the wine to pass. Even if you incorrectly identify a wine for grape / region, you can still easily pass the practical since identification only costs a few marks. Theory, however, is quite difficult as paper 3 covers all the still wines, both red and white. From my personal experience, it really took me a month to study and I luckily passed on my first attempt.

      My advice is to pay your most attention to paper 3 theory. Read widely as you need to know about current news. I found The Drink Business ( a good source for updating yourself on wine news. Subscribe to its newsletter and you will get email on wine news everyday. I’m also using it for my Master of Wine study.

      Hope you find this useful and good luck!

  10. Levy says:

    First time to visit your blog when I googled Dom Perignon Oenotheque.
    I am really appreciate your gorgeous, informative and well managed blog!

  11. Susana says:

    Good evening!

    I would like to have your email in order to send you our formal invitation.




  12. Tomy says:


    We are a startup team in HK working on a wine app and would like to seek opinion from industry expert. Would you be free for a casual chat?

  13. Winesbuddy says:

    Dear Vin Zealot,

    We are a new online Wine Store location at Ngau Tau Kok, we have found your blog very informative and enjoy to read about wine. It would be great if you can help us to share our store information on your blog in your connivence.

    Best Regards


  14. Edward says:

    hello!! I’m a wine lover from Taiwan. I read your blog very often and find your tasting experience very helpful in exploring different wine(especially burgundy).:)
    Except for wine tasting notes, would you please also give me some suggestion for preserving wine (e.g. to buy an electronic wine cabinet or rent a cellar lock)? I’m now using a Vintec electronic cabinet but not sure if it is good for preserving grand cru wines. Is it the only way to buy an Eurocave, or there’s another choice?


  15. Max says:

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