When I’m travelling in Tokyo, I found a Burgundy red made by Japanese winemaker Koji Nakada.  This domaine was mentioned in popular Japanese wine comic “The Drops of God” and partly because of this reason, I know many people deliberately searching for this wine.  Frankly, I don’t have much expectation about the wine.  Still, I’m really interested to have a try.

This bottle of 2008 Chambolle-Musigny Masion Lou Dumont is really very light in colour.  It is perhaps one of the lightest coloured Chambolle-Musigny I have ever tried.  The wine is also very pure and crystal clear.  Has it undergone filtration?

The wine has good intensity in its nose with very strong floral and sweet spices flavours.  In palate, it turns to raspberry and cherry dominated.  Firm structure and good complexity.

While this is a good Chambolle-Musigny village wine, I don’t really think it is outstanding enough for people to search for the wine.  Do I sense anything related to Japan as mentioned in the comic?  Definitely not!

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